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By Jeff Galloway

From Jeff Galloway’s Blog, “Running and Walking Until You’re 100–Injury Free!

• Even after a difficult 13.1 mile (21K) race, runners can usually celebrate that evening

• Beginners who yearn to run a marathon see this distance as the first big step

• Marathoners find that the “half” keeps them in shape for their next “full”

• The distance is enough of a challenge to keep runners focused and energized

• Increasing long runs towards a half marathon race results in faster times at 5K, 10K, etc.

After studying findings of experts who specialize in ancient man, I’ve come to believe that training for long distances connects us directly to our roots. Primitive man had to walk and run for survival—thousands of miles a year. Through millions of years of evolution, the muscles, tendons, bones, energy systems and cardiovascular capacity adapted and expanded. A series of psychological rewards also developed, which make us feel good about ourselves when we run and walk at the correct pace in a consistent training program.

The primary goal of ancient migration was to reach the next destination. Likewise, the greatest joy for half marathoners comes in crossing the finish line.  Finishing 13.1 miles is an elite achievement: only four tenths of one percent of the population does this each year.  The satisfaction and accomplishment are similar to that experienced from the marathon.

Bristol Half Marathon, by Steve GregoryImage via Wikipedia

There are quite a few lessons to be learned as one extends one’s endurance limit beyond 13 miles or 21K: conservation of resources, pacing, fluid intake, blood sugar maintenance, etc. But making a mistake during “half” training does not incur the injury risk or the down time experienced after marathon errors. If you find a way to enjoy a part of every run, your half marathon training can bring joy, satisfaction, achievement, and a positive sense of focus. For many, the challenge teaches individuals that they have unused hidden resources that can be used to deal with other challenges in life. Much of the success and joy comes from a unique endurance blending of body, mind and spirit.

I salute all who put themselves to a realistic challenge, such as the half marathon. If you haven’t done this before, you have one of life’s great rewards waiting for you as you discover that you have much more strength inside than you envisioned.



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Running on ZENERGO

Zenergo is a free activities-focused social manager for active adults networking through their real-life interests. On Zenergo you can create activities, groups and events around Running, Jogging, and Walking, and other sports and fitness activities — as well as health, social, group, family, civic, and hobbyist activities. Please visit the site at to learn how more about how Zenergo can Activate Your Life.


An Easier Way to Manage Your Running Group

By Mac McCarthy, Zenergo 

Runners in Marathon

Photo by Margan Zajdowicz

Coordinating your running group and keeping track of schedules and members  can get complicated. Emails, phone calls, text messages – and perhaps multiple bookmarks to group sites, picture sites, and each member’s calendar to update.

And things still get lost in the shuffle!

Try this, for a one-stop shop: a new site, Zenergo (pronounced ZEN-ergo) , a “Social Manager” that helps you keep your social and activity life organized, and all in one place.

Zenergo focuses on activities, not chatter — they’ve got 300 of them, including every kind of sport, hobby, craft, and social activity — and of course they have there’s a  Running/Jogging Activity.

The main advantage is that everything is in one spot — the Running/Jogging Activity; you can set up your running Group — it’s free — and running Events (also free). There’s  a calendar for each activity, shared among those you’ve friended on that activity — and a calendar shared among group members.

Zenergo has photo sharing, and also document sharing, like for signup sheets. And of course a chat ‘wall’ — but only for discussions among your activity friends or your activity group — about that group  or activity — not a general chat steam of everything and everybody!

You can bring your whole group on board — sign-up is free and simple. You can also recruit more members if you like — Use Zenergo to find other Zenergo members in your neighborhood who are interested in finding running partners or groups.

Here is an example of what you see when you’re looking for a running partner — they can check off details of their interests, so you know you’re both on the same  page, interests-wise.

An Example of a Zenergo Member's Running/Jogging Activity Page

It’s worth a try! — Free, easy to sign up, no spam, as private as you want to make it (each activity, group, and event has privacy levels right there when you set them up, not hidden somewhere). Take a look!

See you on Zenergo!

How I Learned To Love Running

By James Staten 
Coach, Team In Training (TNT)

I’m just a few days away from taking on the biggest running challenge of my career – to run the Grand Canyon, rim to rim and back again.

It’s a race of extremes, over 42-plus miles of rocky terrain, fully exposed to the elements, a race during which temperatures will go from near freezing at the start and at the top of the North rim, to the mid-nineties as we cross the Colorado River. The whole ordeal will take me and my fellow Silicon Valley/Monterey Bay Area Team In Training  coaches over 12 hours to complete.

And we can’t wait.

The Hard Way–On My Own

It’s hard to believe that, just nine short years ago, I could barely complete a half marathon. It was the Fall of 2002 when a friend from work, whom I had run with a few times, challenged me to get serious about my running and try a half marathon. I took her up on this challenge thinking, “How hard could it be? I run six or so miles each weekend, I feel I’m in pretty good shape. How hard could a little over twice that distance be?”

Hard. Very hard. I was hating life by mile ten that day.

As I was heading back down Ocean Boulevard in San Francisco towards the finish line, other runners were struggling, too, but many of them were whizzing by me with these incredible positive attitudes, partly because they were being cheered on by what seemed like hundreds of friends dressed in purple and calling out words of encouragement. As I was climbing the final hill to the finish I said, “I’ll never, ever, do this again – unless I can get proper coaching, and have those purple people cheering for me!”

The Better Way: With Coaching

So in the spring of 2003 I went to a Team In Training information meeting, learned what it would take and signed up.

I ended up doing a full marathon instead of a half that season, crossing the line in 80-degree heat at the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska.

That season I learned that proper coaching and support make a world of difference — and I haven’t looked back since.

Every year since that race I’ve completed at least two marathons, and rose through the ranks of TNT as a mentor, captain, and now coach. I’ve been a part of TNT’s triathlon and hiking teams, as well but have always come back to my first love — the run team.

And last year, with the support of TNT, I took on the biggest challenge of my life, a year-long campaign to be the first person to complete the entire Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series and raise over $10,000 for leukemia research.

The Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series: Could I Do It?

The Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series, put on by Competitor Group out of San Diego, is a collection of marathons and half marathons spanning the United States. These events are a running party, as there are bands playing all along the course and there is a headliner concert at each finish line. And we aren’t talking party bands here but major acts including Sister Hazel, Neon Trees and Bret Michaels.

In 2010, the series had expanded to 14 events, eight of which were full marathons; if successful, I would be the first person to run every mile of every race in the series.

There were events nearly every month, with a stretch in the fall where I had an event every weekend for five weeks straight! Marathons were about every three to five weeks throughout the year. Eight marathons was two more in a single year than the total marathons I had ever attempted.

The year started strong with PF Chang’s Rock’n’Roll Arizona Marathon, a race benefitting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), where I set a new marathon PR (personal record). Then it was off to races in New Orleans and Dallas, followed by the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, where we were nearly swept off the course by a tornado!

Next up was the inaugural Rock’n’Roll event, the San Diego Rock’n’Roll Marathon (a TNT spring season regular), then Seattle, Chicago, Virginia Beach, and Philadelphia.

The next race was the only one I had completed before, the San Jose Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon, which is a TNT summer team event again this year. This is a surprisingly beautiful event that takes you on a highlight tour of Silicon Valley’s capital via a fast, flat course – perfect for a new marathoner or someone seeking a PR. It’s always a thrill to run among and in front of your friends and family. And as a TNT coach, I finished my race, changed shirts and bibs and ran back out onto the course to help all our participants finish strong.

San Jose was also the start of a grueling stretch of back-to-back events with barely a free weekend in between. Right after San Jose was Denver, Los Angeles, and San Antonio – marathon, half, marathon. At the completion of the last Texas run I was nearing the finish of my year-long challenge and crossed over my fundraising goal. One challenge left.

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The Rock’n’Roll Las Vegas Marathon takes place in mid-December and is one of only three events that closes down the famous strip. Over 20,000 runners take over the street, running between the casinos, down to old downtown and back again. Along the way are the running Elvises, a run-through wedding chapel at the Venetian Hotel, and costumes galore. (In 2011, the race will switch to nighttime! It should be even more special with the neon lights.)

Victory! And Now It’s Your Turn!

With my R'n'R Series medals!

At the conclusion of Las Vegas, I had done it! Over $11,000 raised to help fight blood cancers, over 262 miles completed — and over 25,000 frequent flier miles collected. But the memories were the best part.

What does it take to run eight marathons and six halfs in a single year?  The training, determination, and support of Team In Training.

Our experienced coaching staff follows a proven training plan that can get you off the couch and into a lifetime running habit. And I’m living proof.

I’ve now completed 29 marathons in my eight years with TNT, and hope I will still be running well into my 70s. I’m on a quest to complete 50 marathons by my 50th birthday, and this year I am taking on the Grand Canyon and Pike’s Peak Marathon as well as the Tahoe Triple.

But I don’t just do this for myself. What’s a bigger thrill to me is seeing someone like you — who isn’t sure at the start of a season if you can complete a marathon or a half — cross that finish line. We help hundreds of people like you to reach that goal and nearly everyone does.

Teams are forming all across the U.S. Go to to see if there’s a Team In Training team near you.

Come join us for an information meeting this spring and then sign up for our summer season. We will train you for some of the most incredible events in the world, including San Jose Rock’n’Roll, the Nike Women’s Marathon, and incredible events in Chicago, Portland, and Dublin, Ireland.

I hope you will join me.


Zenergo —  The Site for Runners!

When you’re not training for your next marathon, you still want to keep in good running shape — and Zenergo can help!

When you join Zenergo (it’s free, and fast) and sign up for the Running activity, you can make this your central location for scheduling, tracking, and maintaining all your running events, plans, regular schedule — and if you run with friends (always more fun that way!), you can create your own (informal) running group, and maintain a running-group calendar. You can also post pictures, and documents, and message among yourselves. And you can keep the whole thing as public or as private as you like. (You might find a few people in your neighborhood who are looking for running companions!)

Here’s an example of the Running activity profile. Here you can specify exactly what your running interests are. It makes it easy for others looking for running partners to match up more precisely (better than just “runner, looking for people to run with” ad in the paper!).

What the Running Activity looks like on your Running page

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The Mom 2.0 Summit – 5 Reasons Why I’m Jazzed

Wow.  I'm really thrilled to have been invited to speak at the Mom 2.0 Summit this year, coming up later this week,  April 14-16.  This is one of the most innovative social media conferences around, where moms, bloggers, authors and even dads (!) can talk shop with social media influencers, industry leaders and leading brands to share best practices. I'm really looking forward to discussing ways to create smarter web-based marketing, and discovering new social media tools that help engage audiences  and build relationships (aside from Zenergo of course!).

Our session is entitled “Connected or Disconnected:  How Social Networking is Affecting Our Relationships.”  Not a light topic, but a subject as a mom and also a social media professional/entreprenuer, that I feel very strongly about.  I’m delighted to be sharing the stage with two amazing women mom bloggers deeply involved in social media, Kristen Howerton ( and Cecily Kellogg (  Check out their blogs.

What’s great about this trio is that we come from very different backgrounds and aspects of social media, so it ought to be a thoughtful and lively discussion! If you’re lucky enough to be attending, make sure to stop by our session on Friday afternoon at 1:15pm.

Even more exciting for me, I’ll be stepping outside of my home office for a few days and experiencing some cool things like:

  • Mingling with some really talented, clever, witty, engaging, fun, people who happen to be moms, dads, writers and bloggers immersed in social media.
  • Aside from our panel discussion, there are many, many other valuable and educational sessions that I’m looking forward to attending.
  • I’m running in the New Balance 5K run on Saturday morning to promote Zenergo and I’ll be sporting my new Zenergo running t-shirt and hat!
  • It’s in New Orleans.  78 degree weather. Awesome food and jazz. Enough said.
  • Oh yeah, the conference is at the Ritz. Moms don’t mess around :).

Cyndy Sandor, Co-founder, Zenergo

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